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How Does An ENT Diagnose Hearing Loss?

Your trusted ENT& Allergy Center provider will diagnose hearing loss through a thorough evaluation, taking your medical history, performing a physical examination, and ordering specialized tests to assess the severity and type of hearing loss. Your ENT may order imaging studies to identify underlying abnormalities. Your treatment options will depend on the cause of your hearing loss and may include hearing aids, medications, or surgical interventions.

How Should I Prepare for My First ENT Appointment?

Gather relevant medical records and list your symptoms, including when they started and any factors that worsen or alleviate them to ensure a smooth and productive first visit with your ENT. Write down all current medications and supplements you’re taking, and prepare any questions or concerns you have about your symptoms or treatment options. Bring your insurance information, arrive early to complete the paperwork, and consider bringing a companion for support. Be prepared for diagnostic tests during the appointment, as your ENT may do some in-office testing.

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