When are Cochlear Implants the Right Solution for Hearing Loss?

At the ENT & Allergy Centers of Texas, we understand the profound impact hearing loss can have on your life. Our team of expert physicians and audiologists work closely with every patient experiencing signs of hearing loss to identify the severity, type, and appropriate lifestyle solutions. For some patients, severe hearing loss may be best supported through cochlear implants, a well-studied, highly effective solution available at our North Texas locations.  

What is a Cochlear Implant?

Cochlear implants are specialized electronic devices that provide patients with severe to profound bilateral hearing loss with the benefit of hearing improvement. The cochlear implant is placed into the inner ear during surgery and uses a processor worn outside of the ear. Electrical sound signals are then sent directly to the hearing nerve and can provide a restoration in hearing for those who do not see results or benefits from a regular hearing aid. 

Who is a Candidate for Cochlear Implants?

Most candidates for cochlear implants are patients who have been unable to improve their hearing with traditional hearing aids. They may be patients who have had hearing and have lost it, or those who have never had hearing at all. This can be a way to help restore or provide hearing. 

What types of cochlear implants are available?

Traditional cochlear implants are commonly used at our practice, though we also offer a hybrid cochlear implant as well. This particular implant will use a combination of both electrical stimulation and acoustic information. It is best used for individuals who still retain low-frequency hearing following the placement of the cochlear implant. 

Learn more about cochlear implants

If you or a loved one is experiencing hearing loss, it may seem overwhelming determining the best solution for restoring hearing. The team at The ENT & Allergy Centers of Texas provides a wide range of hearing loss options to choose from and may recommend cochlear implants for those who would benefit from them. Contact our office at (972) 984-1050 to schedule a consultation appointment with our team of providers and learn more about this and other hearing restoration solutions. We want our patients to live their best life, and do so by experiencing the joys of sound! 


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