Can You Live a Normal Life With Tinnitus?

Unhealthy indian millennial lady suffering from strong earache Tinnitus is a condition where people hear a continuous ringing, buzzing, or any kind of sound combination in their ears that is not happening in the external world. It can cause serious daily challenges to those suffering from this illness, and it affects millions of people worldwide every day.

One common cause of tinnitus is when nerve activity in the brain is interpreted as sound, resulting in the ringing noise that people begin to hear in their heads. Older people are more at risk for developing this condition, and it is sometimes associated with hearing loss. Tinnitus can also be caused by having lots of earwax, allergies, certain medications, and sudden exposure to very loud noise.

Everyone will experience tinnitus at some point in their lives. However, if the ringing in your eyes continues for months on end, then it’s possible you have developed this condition.

When To See a Doctor

People are most likely to experience high-pitched ringing noises after attending a loud concert or being around loud machinery, for example. This type of tinnitus tends to subside within a few hours and does not turn into a chronic problem.

If you are hearing a low-pitched ringing noise, rushing or humming sounds, clicking sounds, or a loud heartbeat, you may be also experiencing other serious health problems. All of these are symptoms of various conditions, and the doctors can help you figure out what the best course of action is.

Managing Tinnitus 

There are lots of ways you can manage your tinnitus to live a more comfortable life. Avoid loud noises or places, reduce your stress levels, establish a healthy diet and routine, and avoid alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine. All of these things may help reduce tinnitus symptoms.

Hearing aids can also help older patients by amplifying external noises and blocking out the ringing in their heads. You should get your ears cleaned regularly by a doctor if you develop lots of earwax blockage, and you consider different types of therapy to train your brain to reduce the sound.

The doctors at The ENT & Allergy Centers of Texas can run tests in their hearing center to help you manage your tinnitus symptoms. Call 972-984-1050 to schedule a consultation at one of our locations in Mckinney, Plano, Allen, and the surrounding areas today.

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