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Man feels pain in middle ear meningitis and hearing loss

3 Surprising Facts About Tinnitus

Almost everyone at some point in their life will experience a chronic ringing or buzzing sound in their ears. While this is normally very low in perceived volume, this ringing, called tinnitus, can increase where it becomes distracting to everyday life and may interfere with your sense of hearing. As common as tinnitus is, there…

Closeup up side profile sick female having ear pain

Are You Unable To Achieve Total Silence

If you hear a constant ringing or buzzing in your ears, even when there are no other sounds around you, you are not alone. Nearly everyone will experience this condition, known as tinnitus, at least once throughout their lives. While tinnitus can be severe and interfere with daily life, it is not always connected to…

Unhealthy indian millennial lady suffering from strong earache

Can You Live a Normal Life With Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition where people hear a continuous ringing, buzzing, or any kind of sound combination in their ears that is not happening in the external world. It can cause serious daily challenges to those suffering from this illness, and it affects millions of people worldwide every day. One common cause of tinnitus is…

Man holding his hand to his ear in pain

That Ringing in Your Ears — Tinnitus

If you’ve ever been to a loud rock concert or a Dallas dance club, you probably have noticed a ringing in your ears for a few hours afterwards. In most cases, this is a temporary form of tinnitus, which is colloquially known as “ringing in your ears.”  Tinnitus is one of the conditions our board-certified…

Understanding tinnitus

When it comes to the ears, nose, and throat, professionals such as those at The ENT and Allergy Centers of Texas have seen a wide range of conditions that can impact an individual. One condition that can be bothersome to a patient is that of tinnitus. What is tinnitus? The team at The ENT and…

Understanding tinnitus

According to the statistics from the American Tinnitus Association, over 45 million Americans in the United States struggle with tinnitus. This condition, which is characterized by noises in the ear, is considered one of the more common health conditions seen by doctors. For some patients, the buzzing or ringing is temporary and comes and goes….

What Is Tinnitus?

At The ENT and Allergy Centers of Texas, we work with patients in and around our community to help them in addressing common ear, nose, and throat concerns. One common complaint we often experience with our patients is that of tinnitus. Tinnitus is the medical team for hearing ringing in the ears. This condition rarely…

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