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Summer Allergy Relief

When the season changes and the temperature rises, you’ll like to start spending more time outside with activities and exercise. Although you will have more opportunities to be outdoors, summer allergies can be aggravating and, if severe enough, may interrupt or even keep you from fully enjoying the warmer weather. Outdoor allergens are usually more…

Young woman got allergy sneezing nose sitting at the table with a cup of hot beverage beside

Seasonal vs. Other Allergies

Reactions to allergens can create a host of sinus symptoms and issues. While these are usually harmless, they can be very annoying and, if severe enough, can prevent you from many enjoyable activities. Although the symptoms caused by allergies can mimic other respiratory illnesses, such as colds or sore throats, allergy symptoms are generally temporary,…

A woman in blue lab gown with patches in her back for allergy tests

A Long-Lasting Treatment For Allergies Without An Injection

Symptoms from allergies, although relatively harmless, can be annoying and may keep you from enjoying many activities, especially those outdoors. Over-the-counter medications and antihistamines can provide some relief to the symptoms. However, many of these medications are specific on the symptoms they treat and only offer temporary relief. Doctors who specialize in treating Ear, Nose,…

Woman in outdoors with handkerchief sneezing because of allergy

3 Ways To Combat Allergies

Although many people talk about allergy seasons and times when allergies may affect them more than others, allergies can cause symptoms all year round. For most people, they are very frustrating. For some, however, the symptoms can be severe enough to disrupt their everyday life and, in rare cases, pose a potentially serious health concern….

  • Posted on: Nov 30 2022
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Woman having vaccination for influenza or flu shot

Why You Should Consider Allergy Therapy Shots

Allergies, whether seasonal or not, can cause symptoms that are downright irritating and, in some cases, disrupting to your daily life. Thankfully, there are several treatment methods to alleviate the symptoms of allergies, with some preventing the reaction. However, these are generally very temporary and come with potentially significant side effects that can cause other…

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2022
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Baby boy scratching his arm

4 Things to Know About Allergies in Kids

Allergies affect nearly everyone at any age. Kids, however, seem to be affected much worse than adults during allergy season. Not only are their symptoms usually more severe than in adults, but their developing immune systems also have not quite grown to the point of fighting off even the most common allergens. Although most allergy…

Young woman using asthma inhaler

What You Need To Know About Allergy And Asthma

Allergies and asthma are both common conditions that can cause various symptoms. While they share some similarities, there are also significant differences between the two conditions. This blog post will explore what you need to know about allergies and asthma. Allergies and Asthma: What Are They? Allergies and asthma are respiratory diseases that can cause…

Doctor doing skin test

All I Want for Christmas is to Know My Allergies

As we’re coming into the holidays, people who suffer from allergies may only wish for a single gift — knowing exactly what’s causing the sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, and the rest of the fun that comes with allergies. It can seem obvious. For instance, someone allergic to nuts will have a reaction if they…

Effective methods of dealing with seasonal allergies

Are you dreading allergy season? Do you struggle with the symptoms of allergies every spring and fall, or are you dealing with the problems year-round? At The ENT and Allergy Centers of Texas, we understand how frustrating seasonal allergies can be, and we can assist! While many patients visit our practice for prescription-strength allergy meds,…

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