Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing Options

The first step is to determine which allergens cause a reaction in a patient is to perform allergy testing. At ENT & Allergy Centers of Texas we offer skin testing. Once we determine the allergies that a patient has we can then provide the most effective allergy treatment.

Skin Testing for Allergies

Skin testing is an excellent first step in diagnosis. The skin test measures which allergen causes an actual reaction.  Blood testing and patient history only can provide limited information, while skin testing provides detailed information.  Skin testing that we offer to test for allergies include:

  • Skin Prick Test

Skin Prick Test

At ENT & Allergy Centers of Texas we offer skin prick testing to healthy patients aged 5 and older.  In our offices, we have over ten years of experience testing pediatric and adult patients.  We test a comprehensive panel of allergens based on the common inhaled allergens in the area.  These include trees, molds, grasses, weeds and pet danders.  The results are available in real time and our specialty-trained nurses provide counseling to every patient while they undergo testing.  This allows patient to understand:

  • Their specific allergies
  • Environmental avoidance of allergies
  • Cross-reactive foods
  • Medical treatment options
  • Immunotherapy treatment options including sublingual immunotherapy or injection immunotherapy (Allergy shots)

Allergy testing is well tolerated by patients – even the youngest patients.  Our nurses perform prick testing on the forearm.  We then offer a quantitative testing on the upper arm for our older children and adults.

Once we have the valuable information from allergy testing, we can provide treatment options.  

Allergy Treatment

Once our team has a proper diagnosis of the allergies a patient has we can discuss allergy treatment. We offer a few different options, allergy shots and allergy drops being the most popular.

Allergy Shots

Allergy injections are one type of immunotherapy.  It remains the single most effective treatment option.  Immunotherapy of this type involves the slow administration of increasing doses of the allergen. 

Allergy Drops

Allergy drops given under the tongue can offer many advantages over allergy shots.  First, there are no needles. Allergy drops (also known as sublingual immunotherapy or SLIT) are applied by putting drops of allergen under the tongue. They have the same effect as injection immunotherapy without the needles. 

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