Understanding Sinusitis

Are you experiencing problems that are making it difficult to get through your day-to-day activities including a runny nose, facial pain, and fatigue? If you have been struggling with breathing and functioning due to head problems similar to a cold, you may actually be dealing with a condition known as sinusitis. Sinusitis is a condition, commonly referred to as a sinus infection, that can be extremely problematic. Common symptoms include:

  • Facial pressure and pain
  • Stuffed or runny nose
  • Inability to smell
  • Congestion/cough
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Dental pain
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Pus in the nasal cavity
  • Thick, green or yellow mucus
  • Postnasal drainage
  • Fullness in the face
  • Nasal blockage

While some of these symptoms may be considered a cold, they can indicate a more serious and chronic problem such as chronic sinusitis. In many cases, patients will need to take prescription medication to keep their condition under control. Depending on the severity of the condition, patients might be required to take medication every day to maintain better health and wellness.

What causes sinusitis?

In most cases, an infection occurs when patients deal with a recent cold that may have been very severe. Bacteria can reside in the nasal cavity and contribute to the development of the infection that can linger until antibiotics are obtained from a doctor following a proper diagnosis. Sinusitis can range from minor, or “acute,” to chronic and severe. Some patients are at a higher risk of developing sinusitis, including patients with a deviated septum.

Treatment for sinusitis

The doctor will first evaluate a patient to determine if they have sinusitis, and decide on the level at which it is present. Then, recommendations and prescriptions are offered to the patient to help control the symptoms while taking care of the infection itself. For patients with chronic sinusitis, long-term therapies and medications may be recommended for maintenance.

Do you believe you are dealing with sinusitis?

Are you seeking relief? If you live in the areas of Texas, including Plano, Allen, McKinney, and Celina, we encourage you to take the time to speak to the team at The ENT and Allergy Centers of TX to get a proper diagnosis and seek effective solutions for sinusitis. Our practice can be reached at (972) 984-1050 and available to assist new and existing patients in the community with their allergy and ENT needs.

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