Treating Symptoms of ENT-Related Issues With Physical Therapy

Therapist doing healing treatment on mans back. Although it is rarely thought of until it becomes an issue, our bodies rely on balance to complete almost every activity from playing sports to taking a walk to even just sitting and relaxing. Without the ability to achieve that balance, the movements needed for everyday life can become extremely difficult.

Balance depends on complex communication between our inner ears, eyes, brain, muscles and nerves. Inside our inner ears are structures called the semi-circular canals, within these arcs is a fluid that flows over tiny hairs when we move. This gives the physical sensation of movement, even when our eyes are closed.

When the information from this function does not match what our eyes see or our muscles feel, the feeling of imbalance occurs. In most cases, such as motion sickness, this is minor and will subside in a short amount of time. However, more severe cases may cause a longer-lasting feeling of imbalance, severe dizziness or vertigo.

Many ENT-related issues can be resolved with medication or surgery. However, in many causes of imbalance or dizziness physical therapy treatments are needed to “retrain” your brain to associate what your eyes see, what your inners ears sense and how your muscles and nerves respond and what you now feel as balance.

The staff at FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers work very closely with the doctors at The ENT and Allergy Centers of Texas to help resolve your balance and dizziness issues. Therapy at FYZICAL can help identify and address the cause, improve the symptoms and provide treatment to keep the symptoms from returning.

This therapy involves improving the joint-muscle-nerve system and how it communicates with your brain, eyes, ears and the rest of your body. If something has happened to cause the feeling of imbalance, it is still possible to retrain your body to achieve balance and easier movement. Improving balance can prevent falls and allow you to stay active in your life, doing the things you enjoy.

Don’t suffer from dizziness, vertigo or balance issues thinking there is no treatment. Call The ENT and Allergy Centers of Texas in Carrollton at (972) 984-1050 to schedule a consultation with one of our ENT physicians, or call (469) 701-8989 or visit here. Contact to schedule an appointment with FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers.

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